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A Business to Business Internet Marketing Consultant for...

"I have never worked with someone who has invested so much time and emotional energy into MY business. It's as if he works at Aslan. Todd has worked harder on serving Aslan than any consultant I have ever hired. And his commitment has paid off. Due to his experience and insight, our lead flow has nearly tripled. If you are looking for a business to business marketing consultant to grow your pipeline, quit reading this endorsement and hire Todd Miechiels."

- Tom Stanfill
CEO, Aslan Training

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...small to mid-market business to business companies in competitive industries with long and complex buying cycles.

who want to...

  • use their website and the Internet to help market and sell more efficiently
  • improve their internal Internet marketing systems and capabilities
  • shift ineffective sales and marketing spends online where they can be better controlled and measured.
  • know they aren't missing the boat on this whole internet marketing thing

For the last 10 years, Todd Miechiels has helped business to business executives, agencies, and other consultants better understand how to use the Internet as a way to generate demand and sales opportunities more efficiently.

Before spending significant time or money on your website. Before you decide you need to bring in an agency.  Before you decide to hire another sales person. Talk with Todd and learn how other companies have benefited from approaching their website as a demand generation machine, instead of just a static sales brochure.

If you would like Todd to help move your Internet marketing forward, and create an environment where measurable and consistent improvement is not only possible, it's expected, give Todd a call at (877) 304-6854, or request a free consultation.



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